Born in France, he lived most of his life in Italy, where he began his studies at the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Turin. In the following years, he discovered his passion for photography and attended photography courses, including workshops with the American agency Seven.Everything began with traditional landscapes and parallel to his studies as an architect, he uses photography as a means of expression, trying to convey to the spectator unconventional atmospheres and through black and white photography and the deep search for contrasts between lights and shadows to not lose the reality of the scene. During a long stay in Australia where he started to take a series of images related to the "Dark Night" project, followed by participation in the art festival "The Others" in Turin in 2015 and the Head On Photography Festival in Sydney in 2016 , which concludes the Finalist Awards at the festival itself. He participate in a group exhibition at the 2018 Turin Photo Festival and graduated from the narrative itinerary course at the Grisart international photography school in Barcelona in the same year. Co founder of a photography collective VEO, winners of photography contest in Brazil in 2019.  After showed his works beetween France and Italy from 2018 he currently based as freelancer photographer in Sydney. 


2019,  "Voies off" group exhibition, Arles

2018,  Chappaz Contemporary Art Gallery, Trevignin 

2018,  "Fotocolectania" Audiovisual exhibition, Barcelona

2018,  "FOTO" Photography Festival, Turin 

2018,  E20 Art Gallery, Pescara

2017,  M arte Contemporary Art Gallery, Turin

2017,  Head On Photo festival, Sydney

2016   "Sharingallery" Online Exhibition, Turin 

2016   Head On Finalist Awards, Sydney 

2016,  Head On Photo festival, Sydney

2016,  Mutabilis Art Gallery, Turin

2015,  Chappaz Contemporary Art Gallery, Trevignin

2015, "The Others" Art Festival, Turin​


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